Essential Car Maintenance for San Diego Area Residents

Proper San Diego Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle maintained in the best condition possible is not only a way to avoid unnecessary repairs, and owning a vehicle requires diligence in terms of car maintenance. Here are some of the simplest, yet most effective preventative tactics that every car owner should be doing.

Keep It Covered

The San Diego DMV strongly advises storing your vehicle indoors if possible, and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. If you must store your car outside, always use a covering of some kind.

Cars need maitenance in san diego

You can find car covers in most department stores or opt to use a tarp. The idea behind this is to limit exposure to the elements, since it increases wear and tear on the vehicle, as well as causing deterioration. When you’re ready to take your car in for general car maintenance, according to (619) 870-1927, you’ll find that the mechanic will probably find fewer problems with a car that’s been properly protected f, versus one that hasn’t. If you live in downtown San Diego and have no access to a garage, obtaining a cover is essential.

Change the Air Filter

Keeping tabs on the air filter in your car is simple, but important. The air filter unit is usually located on the top of the engine under its cover which can easily be opened. While conducting a visual inspection of your air filter, (858) 467-9999, notes that finding black areas on the part of the filter where the outdoor air enters is a sign that it needs to be replaced. Alternately, you can also expect to change the air filter at a maximum of every 30,000 miles. Different auto manufacturers advise different standards, though, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Check your user manual to determine what your manufacturer recommends for air filter changes.  Air quality isn’t the best in the greater San Diego area so be sure to not go over the 30k mile mark.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

Keeping your tires inflated at the right pressure is extremely important, to proper car maintenance. Driving with tires that aren’t well inflated puts extra pressure on the rubber, and can lead to tread separation. The proper air pressure will be indicated on the side of the tires themselves, and can be gauged by the air pump when you’re filling them. Make sure to check this pressure regularly, and ensure that all tires are filled equally.

If you’re planning on storing your vehicle for long periods of time, such as the winter months, keep a close watch on your tires.   Luckily that’s not a big deal here in San Diego.  According to, if one of the tires has a leak and starts to deflate, it can lead to the vehicle leaning on the wheel rim and causing serious damage over a long period of time. This is particularly important when you’re dealing with seasonal changes, since fluctuations in temperature lead to air loss in tires more quickly.

The saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure couldn’t be truer than when it comes to car maintenance. You can easily decrease the amount of money you end up shelling out if you avoid preventable problems to fix problems by conducting proper car maintenance. Keeping up with these simple tips could potentially save you costly trips to your San Diego area auto repair shop years down the road.

Helpful Auto Repair Advice for the Novice

Simple Tips to Finding a Good Mechanic

It always seems to happen at the worst possible time; you start hearing noises in your car, and you know the auto repair shop is in your immediate future. Perhaps you’ve heard these noises before and put off getting the car fixed, and now it is so bad that you have no choice. Nobody likes to spend the day getting their car fixed, but it something in life that we all must go through.

The important part in all this is finding a quality mechanic to work on your car. If it is just a simple oil change and filter, then you can pretty much take it anywhere, but if it’s your brakes you are better off taking it to someplace with a good reputation. Some of these chain auto garages may give you a good price on brakes, but chances you’re coming out with something that just doesn’t feel right.

When you take your car in for repairs, you want to be confident that the person working on it is highly experienced and knows what they are doing. Spend a few minutes with the mechanic beforehand to get a feel for the way they work. Ask them questions to see if they can provide immediate answers. At any time if you don’t feel comfortable by all means get a quote and move one.

The simplest way to find a good auto repair shop is to look online where you can read reviews. Auto repair shop knows that social media is watching them every move, so it is kind of difficult today to get away with shoddy work. If you do a bad job, chances are you’re getting called out on social media, sometimes even with pictures and video detailing what the problems are. As a business that is the last thing you want!

So you read the majority of reviews and finally feel confident choosing a good mechanic. But before heading down for service look online for money-saving coupons. The car repair industry is known for the coupons and whether it is a brake service, a tune up or a just an oil change, chances are there is a coupon for it. Look around and before you know it you may change your mind on where you’re taking the car since you found so many goo coupons at other repair shops.

The goal here is to get your car in and out with the repairs performed as it should have been. Often these repair shops try to take advantage of people who act like they have no clue and will sell stuff you don’t even need. Be mindful of that, and if you are unsure about something just say that maybe next time you’ll have it done.

Your car is very important to you so don’t settle for the cheapest repair shop. Always make sure the person working on your car is experienced and qualified. Those chain shops usually have many problems so be mindful of that especially when you’re thinking you are getting a great deal.

Lube, Oil & Filter – Pro Mechanic Tips & Tricks

Lube, Oil & Filter – Pro Mechanic Tips & Tricks
Professional mechanic’s tips and tricks of the trade for easier lube, oil and filter service. ( It’s like lifehacks for mechanics & automotive hobbyists ).
Choosing Engine Oil
Changing Engine Oil
Alright today on Repairs101 I’m going to go over some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years about performing lube, oil and filter maintenance.
Be sure to write the date and engine hours or vehicle mileage on any filters you install with a paint pen or a Sharpie.
If your air filter is fairly recent and your vehicle hasn’t seen any severe service – you can usually reuse the filter – once – by banging it out like this or by using some compressed air to clean it.
To avoid difficulties the next time you change your oil filter be sure to lubricate the gasket before you install it.
Flag your engine when you’re doing oil changes by pulling the dipstick nearly all the way out and taking off the oil cap and putting it somewhere where everyone will understand that the oil has been dropped.
Sometimes it’s hard to reach the oil filler tube so keep the right size and shape funnel in your kit. And these valve pouring nozzles are a great deal at about five bucks and they come with an adapter for standard one litre and four litre size jugs.
It can be challenging pouring from a four litre bottle and keeping it from splashing everywhere, so here’s something I learned from a master mechanic I used to work for: turn the bottle around to make the pouring more controlled and less likely to spill.
Keep your grease guns in a leak-proof box. As the grease ages, oil settles out of it and ends up leaking all over your stuff.
I use white lithium grease for most assembling and marine applications, Moly for regular service like auto steering linkages and this waterproof grease in this lever action gun is for extreme duty applications like the mast rollers on a forklift.
My favourite to use is my pistol grip grease gun … and when the hose failed on it I bought some wire braided hydraulic hose … plus this one eighth inch National Pipe Thread coupler … to allow this grease gun easy access to even the hardest to reach zerks.
If you don’t know what kind of oil to use in your engine have a look at my video from 2011 “Choosing Engine Oil”.
And for all the basic oil and filter change procedures, see my 2011 video “Changing Engine Oil”.
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Custom Cars Of George Barris And Other Legends

Custom Cars Of George Barris And Other Legends
In the 1960s, the Barris firm became heavily involved in vehicle design for television production. At the beginning of the decade, Barris, who loved extravagant design, had purchased the Lincoln Futura, a concept car of the mid-1950s which had been built by Ghia of Italy. It remained in his collection for several years, until he was rather unexpectedly asked by ABC Television to create a signature vehicle for their Batman television series. Time was very short, as filming would begin in a few weeks, leaving insufficient time for a new design from scratch. Instead, Barris decided the Futura was a perfect base on which to create the Batmobile. Barris hired custom builder Gene Cushenberry to modify the car, which was ready in three weeks. The show was a hit, and the car gained notoriety for Barris. He retained ownership of the Batmobile until an auction on January 19, 2013, when Barris sold it for ,620,000.
Other television cars built by Barris Kustom Industries include the The Munster Koach and casket turned dragster (the “Drag-U-La”) for The Munsters, an Oldsmobile Toronado turned into a roadster used in the first season of Mannix, a 1921 Oldsmobile touring car turned into a truck for The Beverly Hillbillies, the fictional “1928 Porter” for the NBC comedy My Mother the Car, Updated KITTs for later seasons of Knight Rider and replicas of 1914 Stutz Bearcats for Bearcats!.
George Barris was responsible for the frame of the original Batmobile and other famous customized automobiles he created for various celebrities. Barris created a customized gold Rolls Royce for actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. The golden Rolls Royce displayed the detailed work of Barris and included hand-etched window glass by Robb Rich showing butterflies, roses, and hummingbirds.
Barris has built many novelty vehicles for other celebrities; these include golf carts for Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Ann-Margret, Glen Campbell, and Elton John; and 25 modified Mini Mokes for a record company contest involving the Beach Boys. He would also modify cars for Hollywood stars and others. Some examples include a Cadillac limousine for Elvis Presley; custom Pontiac station wagons for John Wayne, and a pair of “his & hers” 1966 Ford Mustang convertibles for Sonny and Cher. With the cooperation of American Motors, in 1969 he modified an AMX coupe into the AMX-400 show car which was later used in a 1972 episode of the TV mystery series Banacek, and a Cadillac Eldorado turned into a station wagon for Dean Martin.
Between 2002 and 2006, Barris also designed two custom Cadillac hearses for episodes of the cable television series Monster Garage. Barris’ company often builds replicas of non-Barris designed vehicles from other TV series, including The Monkees (Monkeemobile), Starsky and Hutch (Ford Torino), Power Rangers (Rad-Bug, Turbo Vehicles, and SPD Cars), and Knight Rider
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Lighting Up Tokyo: Japan’s Custom Supercar Crew

Lighting Up Tokyo: Japan’s Custom Supercar Crew
Lighting Up Tokyo: Japan’s Custom Supercar Crew
Barcroft Cars – The Home Of Amazing Car Stories Online
TAKE a ride inside the world of a group of flamboyant Lamborghini fanatics who light up Tokyo’s streets after dark. Filmed by American car enthusiast Steve Feldman, the surreal footage shows a fleet of supercars customised to look like moving fireworks displays. Aside from the distinctive LED lights, the group also wrap their cars in chrome and holograms, add powerful strobe lights and even fit flame shooting exhausts – leading to comparisons with the Fast and Furious film series.New Jersey born filmmaker Feldman, who learned Japanese at college, said adding garish lights to already flashy sports cars is something unique to Japan.

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Supercars in London – April 2014 (Gold cars, burnt rubber, custom cars and more)

Supercars in London – April 2014 (Gold cars, burnt rubber, custom cars and more)

April’s edition of Supercars in London isn’t very long. I didn’t really film that much happening this month (apart from something quite cool I’m working on now). But here are the best scenes from April 2014!


Leaving SEMA Show 2014 – 60 minutes of Custom Cars

Leaving SEMA Show 2014 – 60 minutes of Custom Cars
Tricked out custom rides from the SEMA Show Cruise 2014. We bring you 1 hour of high quality video from exotic cars, lifted trucks, hot rods, and more.

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HOT CARS & HOT GIRLS Supercars Custom Tuning And More. Dub Show Miami 2014

HOT CARS & HOT GIRLS Supercars Custom Tuning And More. Dub Show Miami 2014
Dub show Miami 2014 Sexy Girl + Bad Ass Cars
Amazing day at the DUB show Miami. Many awesome crazy tuning cars and supercars,hot sexy car girls,models and music. Leave a comment after watching this video,tell me what you think and how you like it

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Bear Garcia building Custom Cars in Dubai

Bear Garcia building Custom Cars in Dubai
Check out too! We shot some episodes showing US celebrity Custom Car builder Bear Garcia (of the popular Discovery TV series “Street Custom”) building Custom Cars here in Dubai. The show featured a competition to design a Ford Mustang and this shows the winning design being built by Bear. Unfortunately circumstances forced Bear to leave the company building the Mustang just over halfway through the build, but we know Bear will be back here and we will be making a new TV series about Bear and the oil rich and car crazy people in Dubai!